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Fan Fiction

Like many writers I went through a fan fiction phase, here are some examples of those works:

The following works are intended for entertainment only. I am not making any profit from these stories.

Harry Potter

I do not own Harry Potter, or any of the related characters. The Harry Potter series was created by and is owned by J.K. Rowling. All rights of the original Harry Potter stories belong to J.K. Rowling and the assorted publishers and distributers of her work. Author page

The Tick

I do not own The Tick, or any of the related characters. The Tick was created by and is owned by Ben Edlund. All rights of the original Tick stories belong to Ben Edlund and the assorted publishers and distributers of his work.

cover graphic for Hey Mac, It's The Tick

Hey Mac, It's The Tick
"Fly a Mile in Another Man's Cape"

The Tick and Arthur go on vacation and run into the Caped Wonder.
Art by Matthew Cohen
Written and drawn around mid-1995
PDF released online: October 16, 2001

Fun note: I actually submitted this comic to New England Comics on October 26, 1995 but had no idea what I was doing and sent them the original 2' x 3' pencil artwork which was, not surprisingly, returned unopened. I'm also pretty sure that I have a few of the huge manilla envelopes from the package I bought to mail it with in storage somewhere!

While I was waiting to hear back, I started preliminary planning for a multi-issue run: (nothing like the confidence of youth!)
  1. "A Gathering, Some Capes, and the Morning Mail"
    The Tick and Arthur join ΗΕΡΩ, the national superhero fraternity.
  2. "Evil Comes Parcel Post"
    Which was later developed into the script below.
  3. "Picnic of ΗΕΡΩs"
    The Tick and Arthur attend their first ΗΕΡΩ event.
  4. "Part-Time Hero"
    The Tick decides to give his secret identity another chance and gets a part-time job.
    Fun note: I started reworking this as "The Tick vs. The Part-Time Job" for the 1994 animated series but the show finished it's run before I got very far.
  5. "Tick, Pet Detective"
    Our heroes have been too effective and there isn't any crime left to fight so The Tick goes in search of a missing dog.

Star Trek

Yes, during high school I did write Star Trek fan fiction - something that anyone who went to school with me will be shocked, just shocked to discover. The stories included a "novel" about the crew of a Starfleet tug flung from the original series era into the movie era and a fan-fantasy of my friends and I being transported into the Star Trek universe. Unfortunately, I haven't located the notebooks that these were written in yet but will add them if and when I do.

Star Shlek

Not technically fan fiction since it's a parody, but it comes from the same place and era as my Star Trek stories so it feels appropriate to include it here.