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Daniel J. Lyons

Daniel J. Lyons is a life-long fan of science fiction and fantasy, especially Star Trek and the works of Isaac Asimov, who grew up along the east coast of the U.S. as a Navy brat before settling in Massachusetts. He started writing fan fiction in high school then earned a degree in journalism with a minor in creative writing before unexpectedly focusing on a career as an IT professional, eventually specializing in web and mobile communication.


cover graphic for The Path to Vihaan

The Path to Vihaan
Man of the Mountain • book one

In a world where magic reigns in place of science and frequent demon-attacks keep the population low and concentrated - a young elf discovers an ancient weapon on a day that changes his life forever. Already a member of an oppressed minority, his life grows even more challenging while showing him more about himself and his world's lost history than he could ever have imagined.
Urban fantasy
Release date: TBD

Available Works

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“On the stars” living is the ultimate in privacy with modern technology providing a comfortable connection to civilization. When that connection is suddenly severed, three unprepared private vessels must deal with true isolation.
Science fiction
December 1, 2020
cover graphic for The Infinitesimal Collection: Bureaucracy, Stuffed Bears and Alien Duels

The Infinitesimal Collection: Bureaucracy, Stuffed Bears and Alien Duels

A collection of four short stories: "A Visit to the Licensing Department”, "The Busiest Workday”, ”Come Around Here Often?” and "Best Friend Bears”.
Speculative fiction, science fiction, fiction
August 1, 2020