IslandCrosshaven, Ireland: Looking across the opening of the bay (February 2008)
FortCrosshaven, Ireland: An old disused fort (February 2008)
LighthouseView of the lighthouse for the bay (February 2008)
ShorelineCrosshaven, Ireland: Steep shorelines (February 2008)
FlowersBroadmoor Sanctuary - Natick, MA: Some Spring flowers (June 2007)
PollenSeasonBroadmoor Sanctuary - Natick, MA: Spring pollen coats Indian Brook (June 2007)
WaterFlowerBroadmoor Sanctuary - Natick, MA: A new water flower pokes up amidst the pollen (June 2007)
Lilly PadBroadmoor Sanctuary - Natick, MA: One of many flowering lilly pads (June 2007)
Broadmoor Sanctuary - Natick, MA: A small man-made waterfall (June 2007)