Blarney CastleBlarney, Ireland: The famous Blarney Castle - the stone is on the opposite side (September 2004)
Village of BlarneyBlarney, Ireland: Looking down at the village of Blarney - the castle is in the center of the photo (April 2005)
LandscapeGougane Barra, Ireland: Looking across the lake at the mountains (September 2004)
IslandGougane Barra, Ireland: Another view across the lake (September 2004)
the MountainsGougane Barra, Ireland: Looking up from the base of one of the mountains (September 2004)
Youghal wallYoughal, Ireland: Part of the Youghal wall (September 2004)
SpiderwortNatick, MA: A small spiderwort plant that grows in my front yard (June 2007)
CountrysideCrosshaven, Ireland: A shot of the Irish countryside (February 2008)
CobhCrosshaven, Ireland: A view of Cobh from Crosshaven (February 2008)